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We Will Rock You LX Design and Live Shows

We Will Rock You
LX Design and Live Shows

Izzy Ions - Actor Extraordinaire

Project Description

This was a significant project for a large, two hour show, with nearly 200 individual lighting cues as well as additional submasters and manual control of certain fixtures where necessary. The show was programmed over the course of three days of rehearsals ahead of four live shows, one a Primary School Mantinee, the other three being live Evening Shows in front of the general public.

Key Features

  • Over 200 lighting cues
  • Moving Lights
  • Colour Scrollers
  • LED Battens
  • Lights positioned for the show.

In Detail

We Will Rock You, was our biggest show of 2015, with a production cost of £6,000. Integral to the show, were sound and light with a significant amount of time and money spent on such equipment.

Wow… We Were Rocked!

WP Sampson - Headteacher
We Will Rock You

Another One Bites the Dust - Killer Queen and Khashoggi

We Will Rock You achieved much acclaim amongst the audience who saw it, some of whom wrote in to congratulate everyone involved.

"I just wanted to pass on my support the whole cast / crew of We Will Rock You. I am very aware how much hard work everyone has put in and after attending the show last night it is obvious that it has paid off. The actors were fantastic and oozed confidence, the lighting, sound and live band all together produced an amazing performance."

Audience Member

With four shows, including a matinee for Primary Schools and three evening performances, it was a ‘Tour de Force’ from beginning to end, a coming together for the school, the students and parents to celebrate the wonderful talent and development we have seen in the performing arts over the last few years.

Many thanks to all involved, including the Performance Team, Gill, Shaun and Steph Nelson, Ben Haigh, Trish Lough, Michael Heslop, Lizzie Jerdan, Natalie Hedley and all other colleagues who came along to support and enjoy. The mood around school has been wonderful and is a testament to the pride and determination involved with the production.


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