Chris Heppell

This is a collection of my work, from University, School and my own time.

Some work here has been done in collaboration with others.

Latest Work

Have a look at some of my latest work on this page. You can also see more of each piece of work if you wish.

Much of my work that you can see here has been completed as part of school projects throughout my time at Walbottle. There are also some of my own, independent projects here too. Work is displayed chronologically.


A class based implementation of the British Swimming/SPORTSYSTEMS Equivalent Time Algorithm which converts times between different pool lengths.

This package can be installed via composer using composer require clsasc/equivalent-time

View on GitHub

COM1003 Java Chess Assignment

A chess game written in Java, with Command Line and Swing User Interfaces.

You can download the compiled JAR below. As the command line is required to interact with the game, run it with java -jar Chess.jar from the directory containing the file.

Download Compiled JAR, and view JavaDoc

Membership for CLS ASC

A Membership Management System for Chester-le-Street ASC.

Handles Membership, Personal Data, Attendance and Competition Entries. An email notification system will also be added.

Built using PHP and JavaScript, with the CLSASC global CSS and JavaScript.

See it Live, and on GitHub

Monthly Fee Calculator for CLS ASC

Chester-le-Street ASC offer different monthly rates for families with multiple swimmers. Working the rate out is not super simple, so this small application takes the number of swimmers in each sqaud and spits out a monthly fee (with and without the reduction).

A version which takes squads from an SQL database is integrated into the Membership application.

See it Live, and on GitHub

COM1008 JavaScript Assignment

An assignment which used the HTML5 <canvas> element with JavaScript to draw shapes.

See the Project

COM1008 Website Assignment

A website about the University of Sheffield building called the Diamond for my COM1008 Assignment. This was an assignment in pairs and my partner on this was Robbie Thandi (GitHub @rthandi)

This project included writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while work also had to ensure the website was accessible.


Video - AS Chemistry

This is a practical video for AS-Level Chemistry as part of the organics module.

Watch on YouTube

CLS ASC WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme for my Swimmming Club (Chester-le-Street ASC) Website which is fully responsive and supports Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Built using Bootstrap for its responsive framework and usefulness for rapid prototyping, which allowed initial development to occur rapidly.

This project also included CSS Development and the use of Vector Drawings for the club logos - Which were redrawn for the website redesign.

Demo, AMP Demo, Git Repo
Actors on stage at Walbottle Campus, We Will Rock You

Heppell & Potts Lighting

Heppell & Potts have worked with Walbottle Campus for many years providing gold standard expertise in the lighting field and providing intricate and creative lighting scenes.

Visit the Site

BTEC IT - Digital Portfolio

Showcase of the work I completed as part of the BTEC course, using skills in Adobe Photoshop, Flash Professional, Illustrator and Dreamweaver as well as showcasing some basic HTML.

View Here

BTEC IT - LifeSync

This project focussed on graphics which were produced as bitmaps and vectors in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

View Here

BTEC IT - Digital Animations

This project entailed producing Flash animations in Adobe Flash Professional. The project requidefault initial research, by evaluating existing animations and then producing an animation.

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Video - New York Advert

This video from Year 9 Geography was a team effort to produce an advert for an international tourist destination, in this case New York. We filmed using a green screen and then put together our video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Watch on YouTube

Video - Power Up Advert

This video from Year 9 Drama was created to advertise a fictional sports drink, Power Up. The video used Live Video and Green Screen with a voiceover

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Mayhem Manor

This project from Year 9 IT, involved creating a website for 'Mayhem Manor', about theme parks in the UK.

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